Internet Sales 20 Group® Schedule

#IS20G10 Schedule

The Internet Sales 20 Group's® curriculum is expertly designed to create a fluid, comprehensive and informative 3-day workshop. All the presenters and panelists are hand selected to ensure that only the very best, most recent and valuable content is presented to our members. The schedule is jam-packed to make sure attendees receive the maximum amount of knowledge and training possible. But don't worry - there will be down time! The workshop is designed specifically to allow for interaction and collaboration, and the intimate setting is optimal for networking.

The first TWO days focuses on a full evaluation of several dealerships as part of our "Dealer Composite." The composite uses the data from 10 Key Performance Indicators that analyze dealerships from every angle so you can learn from them and compare your own situation. The rest of the workshop will consist of presentations on varying topics such as digital marketing, social media, lead generation, marketing do's and don'ts, sales tactics and more. The panel discussions will focus on best processes, CRMs, dealer interviews and so much more. At the end of the workshop, all members will benefit from a full recap of the information learned and will be guided towards developing a customized action plan and exit strategy that prepares you for immediate implementation when you return to the dealership.

Day 1

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration - -
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST - -
8:00-8:15am Opening Introduction
& Housekeeping
- -
8:15-9:15am It All Matters Paul Cummings @PaulDCummings
9:20-10:05am Everything Service BDC Joe Cala @JosephCala1
10:05-10:50am How To Strategically Target
and Conquest Your Competition
Sean V. Bradley @seanvbradley
10:50-11:00am BREAK - -
11:00-12:30pm Composite Review - -
12:30-1:30pm LUNCH - -
1:35-2:35pm King of the Ring - -
2:40-3:25pm The Game is Won and Lost Online Scott Pechstein @Autobytel
3:25-3:45pm How to Conquer Your Dealership Airspace with Unmanned Aircrafts Chris German -
3:45-4:30pm Space Age Local SEO Tips To Help Your Dealership Rocket Into Hyperspace Greg Gifford @GregGifford
4:30-5:00pm BREAK / Vendor Engagement - -
5:00-5:45pm Panel 1: How to K.O the
Competition Panel
- -
5:50-6:20pm 17 Tips to Effective Time Management Karen Bradley @KarinaBradley
6:20-6:30pm Full Day Recap
& Highlights
- -
6:30-7:15pm VIP Networking Party
- -
7:15-10:00pm DINNER &
VIP Networking Party
- -

Day 2

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration - -
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST - -
8:10-8:55am The Best Digital Marketing Conquest Strategy Aaron Bickart @bickara
9:00-9:45am - - -
9:50-10:35am 3 Types of Video Your Dealership Needs Peter Martin @Webdocpeter
10:45-11:30am Understanding the Subprime Consumer in the Digital Space Todd Dearborn @CarsDirect
11:35-12:20pm Big Data, It's a Big Bust? Dan Moore @mooreofdan
12:20-1:20pm LUNCH - -
1:30-2:50pm Roundtable Rotation - -
2:55-3:40pm Battle Tested Marketing Chris Herman @CScottHerman
3:40-4:10pm Break / Vendor Engagement - -
4:15-5:00pm Panel 2: Conquest Marketing -
5:00-5:45pm The Car Buyer of Today and Beyond Howard Polirer @hpolirer
5:45-6:00pm Full Day Recap - -
7:00-8:00pm Cocktail Hour - -

Day 3

Time Title Presenter(s) Twitter
6:30-8:00am Registration - -
7:00-8:00am BREAKFAST - -
8:05-8:50am “BRAINWARE” The Art of Overwriting Mike Udell -
8:55-9:40am - - -
9:45-10:30am TOTAL MARKET DOMINANCE! Erich Gail @wraithryder88
10:30-10:40am BREAK - -
10:45-11:30am - Kerri Wise @kkwise11
11:40-12:25pm Panel 3: Team Development - -
12:25-1:25pm LUNCH - -
1:30-1:50pm Trending Now Daniel Kim @dklovescars
1:55-2:40pm - - -
2:45-3:35pm How to Build a Complete BDC Machine Billy Goulette @billgoulette
3:35-3:50pm BREAK - -
4:00-4:45pm Dominating Subprime and Knocking Your Competition Out Shaka Dyson @shakadyson
4:45-5:15pm Full Day Recap, Action Plans
& Exit Strategies
- -